Our commitment extends across various industries, offering top-tier design and web solutions tailored to the unique needs of Clubs, Gaming, Entertainment, Restaurants, Corporate entities, Construction, Small Businesses and the Health sector.

What sets us apart is our flexible approach to client support. Whether you require assistance on an ad-hoc basis or prefer the convenience of a monthly retainer, our dedicated team is ready to cater to your specific needs. We pride ourselves on being a reliable partner, offering ongoing support to ensure your digital and print assets are not only visually appealing but also consistently aligned with your evolving goals.

Media Island Management

Mark Santer
Owner & Creative Director

Mark is the modest creative force behind Media Island. With an unassuming demeanor, he brings a quiet brilliance to the world of design and print. A true collaborator, Mark humbly leads a talented design team at Media Island, focusing on crafting impactful designs without seeking the spotlight.






Lisa O’Donnell
Head of Web Development

Lisa is the passionate visionary steering Media Island toward digital excellence. Fuelled by an insatiable love for all things web design, she infuses every project with boundless enthusiasm. As a relentless advocate for innovation, Lisa leads a dynamic web development team, transforming ideas into stunning, user centric digital experiences.






Our Team

Alissa Fitzgerald
Project Co-ordinator

Her leadership skills, process management and understanding of the web development process make her an invaluable asset. Guiding teams, and nurturing clients toward success.

James Chen
Senior Web Developer

Dedicated to unraveling complexities, this Senior developer is passionate in finding innovative solutions. Expertise in both WordPress and Shopify, James is an asset to the team, offering invaluable versatility.

Martin O’Connor
Senior Graphic Designer

Martin has a unique blend of design expertise in design and strategic thinking. Delivers compelling visual solutions that not only captivate audiences but also help drive measurable results.

Steve Luca
Web Developer

Thrives in busy environments, he is dedicated to solving problems and squashing bugs. A knack for clever, clean code, ensuring projects focus on SEO and UX design principles.

Sharnie Ellis
Content Manager

Enthusiastic Web Content Manager with a passion for drawing and expertise in WordPress, merging creativity with user experience principles to craft engaging modern websites.

Lily Koh
Graphic Designer

A keen eye for design, delivering captivating visuals. Whether it’s print materials, or digital assets, she infuses her work with style and flare, setting new standards of excellence at Media Island.

Alex Murphy
Account Manager

Alex understands that long-term success reliesmon trust, openness, and a genuine commitment to client satisfaction. Takes the time to understand each client’s unique needs, challenges, and goals.

Tim Newell
IT & Security Manager

Specialising in the comprehensive management of web infrastructure, WordPress security, and internal IT systems. With a strategic focus on safeguarding web assets and ensuring uninterrupted online presence for our clients.

Mary Andrews
Payroll & Accounts

From overseeing payroll functions to managing accounts payable and receivable, Mary plays a crucial role in maintaining the financial health of Media Island. With expertise in payroll, budget management, and financial reporting.

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