Now you have the opportunity to choose a custom-coded WordPress website without the heavy cost. Our Media Island layouts, designed and coded in-house are now available for purchase. Embrace the advantages of a professional digital solution that eliminates the reliance on cumbersome page builders themes, ensuring optimal SEO performance.

Concerned that custom sites might lack flexibility and be hardcoded? Worried you might need a developer to make even the smallest change? Fear not. Our custom layout sites provide versatility with a content editor, enabling you to easily manage your content whenever needed.

All can be tailored to fit your branding, along with fonts, colours and specifications. We also install e-commerce payment gateway so any design can be a full e-commerce shopping experience.


The Sunset Garden Custom Layout was chosen by this client, and then tailored to fit their branding and specifications. This is an elegant professional design with content load animations applied – can be suited for a restaurant, construction, or an e-commerce business.

Our layouts provide the adaptability to meet your unique requirements, all while upholding stringent standards for security and best practice SEO. Unlike conventional page builders, our solution isn’t susceptible to problems stemming from WordPress core updates or security vulnerabilities.

Page builders like Divi can be at risk of compromise if not diligently maintained.


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